How to Buy a Mattress


Nobody wants to buy a new mattress — it’s a mundane process that can set you back anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. No wonder we’re all losing sleep.

But a little-known fact is that you can negotiate the price. Here’s how.

1. Go in with the understanding that stores inflate the prices of their mattresses. You’ll likely be able to talk them down significantly.

2. Shop around. Markups vary from store to store, so get a sense of what other stores are offering so you can have the most leverage.

3. Mention that you like the mattress but it’s out of your price range. Ask if they can come down on the price.

4. Don’t fall for names. You know how mattresses have completely nonsensical names (Super Fluff Down, Ultra Sleeper 2000)? They are meaningless. Manufacturers rename their products retailer to retailer to make it harder for you to compare across stores. Ignore the names and focus on which one feels the best.

5. Don’t allow salespeople to try to sell you on a 20- or 30-year warranty for more money. Mattresses are supposed to last only 10 years, anyway.

6. Negotiate extras. If you’re at a stalemate with your salesperson, find a negotiation workaround. You may not be able to get the full discount you wanted, but why not try for free delivery? Or ask if the delivery service will take your old mattress off your hands for free? Delivery fees can be hefty, so this is a significant way to save.

7. Ask if the store offers any special discounts. For example, some of the smaller stores offer discounts for newly married couples. In fact, my boyfriend and I were offered the newlywed discount when we were poor-as-dirt students. Sorta weird? Sure. Savings? Absolutely.

8. Stand firm against add-ons. Like box springs, which are hardly necessary with most modern beds.

9. Don’t buy pillow top versions of mattresses. They can add hundreds to the bill and can be re-created for much less.

10. Make sure your mattress has a 30-day trial period. You really won’t know for sure whether your mattress is the one until you’ve slept on it for a few weeks.

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