Have a Sexy, Cheap Valentine’s Day

heartsValentine's Day weekend is just a week away—the perfect amount of time to put a little thought, rather than lots of money, into creating some sexy fun for your guy or gal. Here, an inspiring collection of our frugal favorites, from around the web:

Love balloons. Buy transparent red balloons, and before blowing them up, put a small gift, treat or sexy note inside—scatter them around your apartment and enjoy whatever happens next.

Get wet. Some florists have flower petals for the taking. Gather enough to float on top of your bath water. Slip into the tub just as your sweetie comes home…(If the carpet of flowers isn't an option, have tea for two.)

Make mystery. Plan to meet your Valentine at, say, a bar. At the last minute, send a text changing it to a movie theater. Have a pal waiting at the theater saying that you got really sick (and your phone died), and your date should head to your house. Leave a note on the door saying you've gone to bed with the stomach flu, but that there's some food in the fridge. Have a bottle of bubbly waiting and…

Share the love. Clean out a nice big jar (pickles, cookies, mayo) and stuff it with silly poems, why-I-love-yous, memories and future plans. Now your beloved has Valentines for days!

For other ideas, check out this list and good old WiseBread, a money blog to enjoy any time.

Got a memorable, inexpensive Valentine's idea to share? Please do!

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