Do One Dumb Money Chore

can-doHave you ever noticed that your financial life can end up looking like the hall closet—full of junk, loose ends and sweaters you meant to take to the cleaners?

That's why we invented Do-One-Dumb-Money-Chore Day.


  • You keep meaning to question that charge on your cell phone bill…but you don't.
  • You need to check the interest rate on your card…but you haven't had time.
  • You need to set up your SaveUP! Savings account, but you've been ambivalent—er, distracted.

Also, it's Friday. Take 10 minutes to tackle one bothersome task—and sail into the weekend with that "I'm so money" feeling.

MP finally rolled over an old Roth IRA to her new Roth.
Amanda contacted about a configuration issue that was distorting her reports.
Jen finally opened her savings account for her SaveUP! pledge. Better late than never.
Hilary called her ex-employer about the $129 they owed her. Check is in the mail. YAY!

Do your own clean-up—and tell us about it.