Love Your Mate & Your Money

Why do so many couples fight about money?

Because many of us lack the skills to have basic, house-cleaning conversations about financial topics.

Like all aspects of a relationship, financial intimacy must be nurtured, (slowly, patiently, lovingly) in order to grow.

Here, a three-part method to build financial rapport with your mate, simply by asking questions, inspired by this post on

Theme Tone Exercise
Step 1:
Getting to Know You
Playful Swap ice breakers:
What's your #1 money worry?
What are you saving for?
Step 2:
Getting to Know Us
Inquiring Explore values:
How would you spend a raise?
What's your ideal lifestyle?
Step 3:
Becoming a Team
Give & Take Seek agreement:
We need X and we have to pay off Y—what do you suggest?
How much do we need total?

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