How Positive Thought Can Help You Attain Financial Freedom

Can one utilize the Law of Attraction to become debt-free? Absolutely. The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like,” and that positive thought attracts positive results. When you focus your mindset on a debt-free lifestyle, you put yourself in the right position to get results. You can use the Law of Attraction (LoA) in terms of how you think about your financial situation. In choosing to focus on how you want to feel when it comes to your money, versus focusing on what currently frustrates you about your situation, you empower yourself with the ability to create positive change.

Those who would channel the LoA to squash debt and attain financial freedom should first hone their awareness. With fitness goals, for example, it’s great to create a vision about future results, but you need to gear your awareness mindset toward eating well and exercising. While the Law of Attraction can get you thinking about what’s possible, your awareness gives you the tools you need to work toward those possibilities.

Here are four Law of Attraction tactics to help you become debt-free:

1. Reframe.
With a long-term goal like eliminating debt, it’s easy to defer happiness until that goal is attained. Instead of focusing on how happy you’ll be when you have no debt, start focusing on what is good about your life right now, regardless of what you owe. Embrace your situation and list all the ways that this debt has helped you to better understand yourself and your money. Next, make another list, one that enumerates all your negative feelings toward your debt. Reframe that resistance list by asking yourself how your debt has contributed to your personal growth. Find ways to be kinder to yourself during this growing process.

2. Appreciate what you have.
Your debt is representative of all the choices, benefits, and opportunities offered to you, and it’s not your job to resent it. Appreciate the fact that your creditors extended you credit and give yourself a pat on the back for actively deciding to use it in a way that’s more in line with your vision for your financial life. When you focus on appreciation rather than disappointment, you are gearing your mindset in the right direction for positive results.

3. Make “debt-free” manifest itself in your physical world.
It’s important to find ways of actualizing your financial goals that are tangible and real. For example, a friend of mine was helping her boyfriend eliminate debt, so she put a mason jar on the counter. Whenever they had a free moment, they took an opportunity to “feed the jar.” They’d regularly put between $1 and $5 in the jar here and there — and it never failed that the jar yielded at least $20 per week. Look for ways to bring your LoA energy into the real world.

4. Keep yourself honest.
It’s important not to become misguided by the LoA. One could justify additional debt with the thought that unnecessary purchases demonstrate a personal faith in future abundance. That’s not the right way to think about it, though — if you truly believed in your future abundance, you could wait until you actually had enough extra money to make the purchase. Alternatively, you could channel your creativity to find other ways of fulfilling your needs or desires: buying secondhand, making your own, etc.

What are some ways you can change your energy and mindset around debt?

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