Women’s Worth, Worldwide – A Photo Exhibit

You're not the only one with money on her mind. The International Museum of Women in San Francisco is now hosting an online exhibit called Economica. It sheds light on women's economic standing around the globe.

Here's a selection from the exhibit:

Women's Wealth

womens wealth

In Nepal, a group called Tewa is tapping local donors and organizations to help fund women's groups across the country. (more)

Credit: Copyright Hazel Thompson. Used with Permission.

Growing Debt

growing debt

In India, thousands of farmer suicides are leaving a generation of young widows with crushing debt and responsibilities. (more)

Credit: Copyright Viviane Dalles. Used with Permission.

The Business of Women

business of women

Arab women are changing the face of business leadership in the Middle East. (more)

Credit: Courtesy of the Global Fund for Women. Used with Permission.

We encourage you to visit the Economica online exhibition of the International Museum of Women.

The women of DailyWorth contributed a piece called Declare Yourself Worthy to the exhibit.

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