Do the Saving Sweep

money-sweep Here it is, that sweet spot before one month ends and the new bills begin. It's time to breathe a quick sigh of relief… and do the saving sweep!

Check your accounts…
Peer into your purse or wallet…
Jog over to an ATM machine…
Empty your pockets…

And whatever cash is lying around, whatever you don't absolutely need, sweep that bit of money (even a leetle bit) into your:

  • Emergency fund
  • Curveball account
  • Down payment stash
  • Private coffee can of bucks
  • "This summer it's France or nothing" fund

Or, be super good—and earn our undying respect—by shoveling an extra payment toward debt or making an extra contribution toward retirement.

MP just swept up an extra $200 into her emergency fund, another $200 into her curveball fund and $250 toward her business Visa.

Amanda did the sweep this morning and added $300 to her curveball account, $100 to retirement, and organized $2.54 of loose change in her kitchen into a new cup.

Ready, set—SWEEEEEP! And then tell us about it.

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