How to Be a Fierce and Resilient Woman: Live, Love, and Lead

Women are extraordinary creatures. We have the ability to find courage and strength when faced with countless priorities and unimaginable adversity.

I have seen it firsthand. In fact, I have experienced it myself.

It is the raw, real, and beautiful chaos of our lives: Women can do whatever it takes to manage everything and anything that comes their way, but often it’s with reckless abandon and at their own expense.

Over time, we have steadily managed to honor our age-old domestic “responsibilities” while at the same time taking bold and brave steps forward to new opportunities. We are the creators of homes, caretakers of families, mothers to children, and both sisters and friends to each other. We are single mothers, working mothers, corporate leaders, business innovators and owners, community leaders, and peacemakers, quite often at the same time.

However, it has come at a cost:

We have been told that we can have it all, be it all, and do it all. But we haven’t been taught how to manage the many areas of our lives, nurture our passions, and navigate life’s inevitable turbulence in a way that allows us to show up as the best version of ourselves.

It is time for us to learn how.

As Sheryl Sandberg recently stated in an emotional Facebook post, "I have learned that resilience can be learned."

While Sheryl shares her wrenching grief over the loss of her husband, she is also eloquently expressing what I know to be true: that resilience can be and must be learned. Fierce and feminine resilience is a new way for women to live, to love, and to lead.

We are a generation of women for whom this is our greatest time. Thanks to the pioneering women of the feminist movement before us, we have the ability and opportunity to do what has never been done before.

Using our resources, we will propel this new economy forward. It will allow us to be what our children, our partners and relationships, our businesses, our government, and the world need. This is a new feminism: an era of women’s resilience and leadership.

Fierce and feminine resilience is the ability to change. Resilience is knowing how to roll with the punches and is a skill that doesn't always come easily or naturally; there is an actual process that needs to be learned, and practiced, before it can be mastered. It is the ability to adapt to an altering climate, new situations, challenges, and obstacles, and to do so in a way that teaches the next generation how to do it for themselves. It is a way for us to approach our lives and our work not just through giving selflessly, but through personal and professional contribution and collaboration, grounded in self-love and self-care.

While our feminist mothers fought for our rights and secured so many of them for us, we now have to modify how these predefined roles play out for us today. We cannot have it all under the definitions that have previously been set for us. We have to redefine the way that we, as women, show up in our lives and in the world.

We never have to forfeit the right to be who we are as fully evolving and multidimensional women for any man, relationship, company, or success. We can define success on our terms and at the same time create passionate, sustainable love in our lives.

We have a new opportunity as women today, different from that of our foremothers. In our hands, we hold the power to create and transform the world, because we are not simply "equal" to men, we are and will be the drivers of what comes next.

Laura Campbell is a member of the DailyWorth Connect program. Read more about the program here.