6 Investments to Ease Climate Change

Climate change is often cited as the reason behind the dramatic changes in rain patterns — droughts in the West and floods in the rest of the country.  And it seems to be getting worse.  Texans are buying boats for their front yards and Californians are pulling up grass.

You’ve also probably read about and partake in common carbon-reducing activities.  Maybe you started biking to work, own a hybrid or electric car, or are simply more cautious about cranking up the A.C. in the summer.

Although effective — and admirable — those measures aren’t the only ways to promote clean energy. You can make your mark with investments that focus on carbon reduction and investment in renewable resources.

There is an increasingly active Divest-Invest movement afoot. That means, divest from investments that support harmful carbon activities and invest in sources of efficient and reliable renewable energy. Green America is a rich source of information on the topic.

What are some actions you can take now to vote with your money?

  1. Divest from investment in fossil fuel companies: Check your stock portfolios and mutual funds.
  2. Invest in broad-based mutual funds or stock portfolios that do not have carbon-based investments. You can find funds from Green Century, Parnassus, and Pax World. PowerShares and Guggenheim also offer carbon-free ETFs.
  3. Invest in mutual funds that focus on renewable energy. Examples include Pax World Global Environmental Markets, Calvert Global Energy Solutions, and Shelton Green Alpha.
  4. Invest in CDs that exclude carbon-based investments. New Resource Bank offers an Impact CD where investors can support solar energy and other alternative energy.
  5. Pledge to buy Clean Energy Victory Bonds, U.S. Treasury bonds where all funds support clean energy in the United States.
  6. Select clean or renewable energy options from your electric company. Many utilities offer the choice for no additional cost to consumers.

It might feel like these investments will take a long time to make a real impact. But the sooner we start, the sooner we can make progress toward reversing the effects of climate change.  If we’re lucky, California might get rain again and Texas might dry out.

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