Tips for Entrepreneurs: Don’t Let Summer Fun Sabotage Your Business

Summer’s here, and we’re enjoying beach days and barbecues. But that doesn’t mean your business stops. Yes, you should rest. Yes, you should go outside and get some sunshine and vitamin D. But don’t forget who you are, don’t forget your legacy in the world, and most importantly, don’t forget all the people who need you for growth and transformation. Here are eight tips for using that summertime season to make your business stronger and more effective in the fall.

  1. Plan Your Fall Launch: When fall rolls around, everyone is “heads down” and back to work. Get ahead of the pack and use the summer to plan a new program or product launch. This is a great time to do all the background work — recording, videos, editing — so that in the fall you can deliver your products when your clients are primed for them.
  2. Be Generous: There's a natural lull in the summer. People want to travel and enjoy the weather; the kids are off from school. But just because there’s a lull doesn't mean you're bound by it! I use this time to offer scholarships for my training programs to entrepreneurial beginners. It's a great time to be generous and give a little extra to those who normally couldn’t access my trainings at full rate.
  3. Exercise Your Joy Muscles: The moment I realized I didn't have the capacity to handle joy was a big turning point in my business. Use this time to practice handling joy, to practice expanding your capacity to enjoy. Practice sleeping until noon as an entrepreneur. Practice living your life first, then working on your business second. Exercise that “joy muscle,” because when things pick up and things are stressful next fall or spring, those muscles will come in very handy.
  4. Let Go of All Your Victim Stories: Let go of any limiting beliefs you tell yourself. "I'm not creative enough." "I'm an introvert, so I'm not loud enough." "I'm not from the right class." All that stuff's gotta go. Use the quieter time and the sunshine and the sizzling barbecues to burn those thoughts.
  5. Upgrade Your Systems: Do the housekeeping and background work that will improve your business next fall. Is your sales process automated? Automate everything you possibly can — even your scheduling. To set up meetings with clients, I send them a link that shows my availability and ask them to pick one of those times. Get rid of the manual trackers kept hidden in massive Excel sheets and streamline everything you do.
  6. Leverage All of Your Products: Repurpose the work you've already done to make even more money. For example, I have a 15-step road map. I sell the whole course for $1,000, but I also sell each individual chapter for $100. A client who is confident in most of the skills might just want to buy a few key chapters; selling the chapters individually is a win for both the client, who cherry picks her interests, and me.
  7. Go Location-Independent: How much paper can you get rid of? How much stuff can you digitize? I like to ask my clients, “If you were given a chance to take a half-million-dollar dream trip around the world, but you had two hours to pack and take your business on the go, could you do it?” Get as close to “yes” as possible. Go paperless, scan everything, shred stuff, and set up call forwarding on RingCentral or Google Voice so you can be reached via Wifi from anywhere in the world.
  8. Find a Work Wife: Find someone you can text to say, “I’m about to do something that’s going to scare my pants off.” Or someone to text when you just scored a five-figure contract — because telling your Mom or your boyfriend you got a contract, well, they might not get it! A “work wife” is someone to celebrate and brainstorm with about your businesses. Take the time to describe your ideal work wife: What are the boundaries? How much time would you spend together? When would you call each other? Set some limits,and start co-creating that relationship.

These are light tips and tricks — they’re simple, and you can do them now. Enjoy your summer and your friends and keep these things going, so that you don't have to horse whip yourself in the fall.

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