How Are You Defining Relationship and Career Success?

When my godparents died, I recall both of their adult children saying that the greatest gift their parents had given them was permission and encouragement to follow their hearts. This was a number of years ago, yet I still remember thinking about how beautiful that was, while simultaneously having feelings of envy and anger. I had not been taught to follow my heart, and I spent much of my adult life experiencing success on someone else’s terms and experiencing way less success than I knew I was capable of.

Although the definition of success is subjective, many of us find the success we have experienced is based on how the world might view it — good salaries, prestigious positions, social status, material possessions, and even appearances. When we don’t know who we really are, have pressure from family and peers, or have something to prove, then we may choose career paths or relationships that are not as rewarding or satisfying as we deeply desire. The truth is you might have “checked your soul at the door” because you weren’t navigating from your true self when you started down that path.

Inauthentic success can leave us feeling bored and even empty. We persevere because we can’t afford not to. Anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, and feeling the need to compete to keep up are common symptoms of not living from the core of our own power. We’re trying to live through someone else’s dream of what our success should be.

So what does defining your own success feel like?

When it’s time to find yourself and to find success on your terms, the desire to do so becomes intense. It becomes about you, your work, and your life. You can no longer ignore that lack of satisfaction and joy in your life. You now have the desire to be fired up about everything you do. You want what you do and the relationships in your life to mean something, to allow you to express your true gifts. You realize that you can actually reach your full potential and that you have so much more to give.

When you reach success through your standards, work and relationships no longer feel like work, you feel connected and at peace, and you actually enjoy being actively engaged in what you do. You work hard not because you have to, but because you’re drawn to your passion. You’re finally listening to your inner guidance, creating what you want to create, and loving life despite the ups and downs that are bound to accompany this great change in your path.

I have had the extraordinary experience of moving my life from success on “their” terms to success on my terms. I’ve gone from being unable to hear my own spirit guiding me to knowing with confidence who I am and what I want to be, do, and have. That experience has given me the knowledge and the opportunity to teach others how to do the same. My expertise is in guiding people to find their inner voice and power, and then to navigate the gap between their current circumstances and a life they love living — regardless of their conditions, track record, or history. There is absolutely a proven, predictable path to success on your terms, and I look forward to helping you find that path.

Tracy Williams is a member of the DailyWorth Connect program. Read more about the program here.