Win Some, Lose Some

dw_can-do Today is International Women's Day today—in case you forgot. It sounds like one of those faux holidays recognized only by the U.N. and feisty women's groups.

That's partly true, but there are a number of reasons to take note of the recent accolades—and ongoing challenges—facing women today.

  • And the winner is… Kathryn Bigelow, as the first woman to be named Best Director at the Academy Awards last night (her film "Hurt Locker" also won Best Picture).

    You'll be hearing about Bigelow's triumph in testosterone-driven Hollywood for weeks. But as girls, let's just savor one delicious, vicarious thrill: Bigelow beat out James Cameron—her ex-husband.


  • In the "two steps back" category, however… New studies document the financial hurdles facing working women with kids.

    Working moms earn nearly a third (31.9%) less than working fathers, according to "Decisions for Work," a study released today by researchers in London on behalf of the International Trade Union Federation.

    This on top of a similar study co-authored by Stanford sociologist Shelley Correll last year called, "Getting a Job: Is There a Motherhood Penalty?"—which found, why yes, moms are typically paid less than men with kids and less than women who have no kids.

You win some, you lose some—and you keep reading DailyWorth so that professional and financial parity is something we'll all celebrate when we're relaxing on our fat, well-invested nest eggs in a few years.

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