7 Weird Ways to Make Money

Sometimes, working hard at your job isn’t quite enough to make ends meet. You could go the conventional route of taking on more hours or getting a second job, or you could try something a bit … unexpected. Here are seven bizarre ways to make money.

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1. Sell Your Hair
You can make a bundle on your hair, especially if it’s virgin (i.e., never dyed). Depending on length, thickness, and color, you can get hundreds of dollars. I ran my stats through a hair price calculator and my medium length, super thick brown hair would get me more than $300!

2. Take Selfies
If you’re feeling your look and want to document it with a selfie, you can upload it to Stylinity and tag your clothes. When people buy the clothes you’re wearing, you get rewards points that can be redeemed for cash or products.

3. Become a Test Subject
Research studies are an easy way to make money. Check out local universities for postings. Additionally, you can find listings online for focus groups, or even medical studies (which really pay, but can be invasive, time consuming, and pose potential health risks). Pro tip: Business school studies are awesome. No needles or weird medicine, just an hour of computer games.

4. Sell Breast Milk
You can earn $1-2 per ounce selling your extra breast milk online, depending on to whom you’re selling. Check out this breast milk marketplace, and this breast milk bank (which also takes donations).

5. Put Ads on Your Car
You can make money by simply driving your car as usual, provided you’re willing to wrap the whole thing in one giant ad. You can make anywhere from $300 to $900 per month.

6. Sell Old Electronics
Cell phones, tablets, laptops, video game equipment, and other personal electronics all have value, even if they’re collecting dust in some closet. You can try to sell them on Craigslist, or sites specifically designed to buy old electronics. Depending on how old your item is and the condition it’s in, you can walk away with hundreds in your pocket.

7. Donate Plasma
You can bring in up to $300 per month by selling your plasma, a liquid filtered from human blood that’s used to treat rare diseases. Head to a consumer plasma donation center, where you’ll have blood drawn, filtered for plasma, and returned to your body in about an hour.

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