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ashley_stock Many of you have been following the Invest-Along-With-Ashley series, and we have a key update on the situation. As you may recall:

    1. Ashley was eager to start a retirement account—and learned her mom had opened a Roth IRA for her a few years ago.


  1. Next, Ashley committed to contributing $25 per month into her Roth. Excellent.


The key question now: Where is her money going?

In Ashley’s case, her mom’s financial planner picked a mutual fund for her Roth IRA (normally, you’d have more than one fund to balance your portfolio). Which fund was it?

Ashley did her homework and learned the fund’s ticker symbol: AWSHX

Every investment—be it a stock, bond, mutual fund—is known by its ticker symbol. These codes look funny (Ashley’s looks like, “Aw, shucks”), but they are just abbreviations.

Coca Cola Company stock = KO
Walmart Stores stock = WMT
Vanguard 500 Index fund = VFINX

AWSHX stands for the American Funds Washington Mutual fund. To learn more, enter any ticker symbol into any financial site (or Google it). If you go to Morningstar.com, a top research firm, and look at a snapshot of Ashley’s Aw, Shucks fund, You’ll see a chart of its performance, and you can scroll down to see a list of its holdings. (Remember, a mutual fund holds many stocks and/or other investments.)

Now, it’s your turn! Look up the ticker symbol of an investment you own—and tell us what it is, and what you like or don’t like about it.

MP owns FFFFX, a Fidelity target date fund.
Amanda owns a few Calvert and Oppenheimer funds, including the Oppenheimer Value Fund – CGRBX.

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