4 Ways to Unleash Your Feminine Energy

For women, feminine energy is what’s considered our natural state of being. Often misunderstood as being “sexy” or “weak,” it is in fact something entirely different. Being feminine in no way, shape, or form means dressing, looking, or even acting a certain way. The old myths of the feminine as being soft, childish, unintelligent, airy-fairy, overly sensitive, or out of control no longer hold true.

While feminine energy is a source of chemistry and attraction, it is also critical for decision making, consensus building, and powerful leadership. However, feminine energy is not about control; it is about the power through which we are able to lead, manage, and create everything that we want, and through which we will be able to impact the world.

Because of the common myths surrounding what feminine is, women may find themselves stepping into an energy that isn’t natural for them. As we have made our presence known in the boardroom and around the executive suite, as we take over as “CEO” of our homes and children’s lives, and have fought for our rights throughout history, we have slowly stepped further and further into the power of the masculine and unknowingly lost connection to our natural and authentic energy. As we have done this, we have hindered our ability to attract people, opportunities, and experiences to us; have pushed people and things away; and diminished our power in a way that most don’t even understand. This may look like increasing distance from your spouse or partner; it could feel like you are struggling to engage with friends and family; or it could result in your inability to communicate effectively with your clients, team, or management.  

For most of us, it has been a slow disconnect from the power of our own feminine energy. As our roles change and we move from being engaged to married or partnered and to bearing children, the focus of loving, serving, and supporting others has somehow convinced us to give up a part of our feminine energy.  

The confident and self-focused (not selfish) women we once were have become a distant memory. Somewhere along the way we lost touch with the beauty of our feminine essence.

Right now we have an entire generation of women who were told they could do it all and be it all. On top of going after it all, we also carried with us very traditional roles, and the roles of mother, daughter, and wife were layered on top of them.

For many of us, this has not only been our greatest joy, but it has also become our baggage.

As a result of taking on a lot of “what everyone else around us wants” that came with these roles, we stopped living a life that was unique, passionate, and true to our souls.

When we stopped living this life, our natural equilibrium in the world shifted off balance and it has cost us our careers, our health, and our marriages.

The feminine is an energy, not a style, sexual prowess, or body type; it is essential to learn not only how to unleash its magnificence, but also how to master its power. The power of the feminine is manifested when:

  • You feel beautiful in your body.
  • You have fallen in love with yourself.
  • You feel a quiet, yet powerful confidence.
  • You are focused on what you desire and what makes you happy.
  • You are comfortable receiving and letting go of control.
  • You are speaking your truth.
  • You are playful.
  • You are vulnerable.

Note in your life where you feel most feminine and where you don’t. Is it possible that you have slowly lost sight of it and can’t remember what it felt like? What would it mean if you could walk fully in your feminine energy and who you are meant to be as a woman, while at the same time unleashing your greatest power on the world?

Here are four ways to unleash your feminine energy:

1. Be Curious
Curiosity is a doorway to your feminine. Whether at work, while dating, or even when you’re parenting, turn your criticism and reaction into curiosity and you will immediately feel your power surge. If you are in a conversation or situation that makes you feel upset, angry, or frustrated, seek out more information before you react. Ask questions, gently request clarification, and adopt the mindset of wanting to know more. This will allow you to strategically respond and come from a place of intention.

2. Move Your Body
There is nothing more feminine than moving our bodies in a way that feels good. Whether it’s finding a fitness or yoga class, dancing alone in your home, or going out dancing with friends, feel the freedom that comes with feeling the body move as it was meant to move. Let your yourself feel uninhibited, get lost in the music, and allow your body tell you how it wants to move and how it wants to feel. Our bodies are one of the best ways to fully express and share our feminine energy once we become comfortable with how to do so.

3. Consider Your Personal Presentation
How you present yourself is a good indication of the degree to which you are stepping into your feminine. The clothes you wear, the way you take care of your body and appearance, and the way you use your eyes when engaging with others in conversation is one of the most powerful ways of unleashing your feminine energy. Take time to dress and present yourself in a way that feels feminine and powerful, whatever that looks like for you. Perhaps it is putting on heels when you normally don’t, or perhaps it is a new haircut and color. Whatever makes you feel good is how you need to present yourself.

4. Get Creative  
You work hard in your job, as a wife or partner, as a mother, and in the many other roles you play, so when was the last time you let your creativity soar? For many of us, our creativity is put on a back burner behind hundreds of other priorities, yet there is something deeply feminine about allowing our creative juices to flow. Grab a friend and plan a wine and painting night, or draw, write, or decorate. Indulge in whatever your creative passion may be. Your creative energy will not only unleash your feminine energy, but it will add another dimension to all of your roles.

It is time to reclaim our feminine power so that we are able to be, do, and create what we desire most in the world. The further we step into the truth and authenticity of who we are as women, the more powerful and successful we become.  

To go deeper into your journey to your feminine energy, grab my free Fierce and Feminine Mini Course here.  

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