Fill Your Pot of Gold

danielli-headshotIn honor of St. Patrick's Day, we'd like to shift away from "the wearin' of the green" to the earning, saving and investing of it.

Pick one action from the list below to fill your pot of gold today.

Then, sure, have a green beer!

  • Put off a purchase. (Then bank the money you didn't spend.)
  • Set some earnings targets: How much would you like to be earning in 2011? In 2015? In 2020?
  • Haggle for a lower price or demand a better rate.
  • Cash in on these fun St. Paddy's Day freebies
  • Cancel that subscription or membership you never use.
  • Ask a friend what her best money habit is. Try it on.
  • Negotiate a higher fee, raise your prices or do research on what it would take to get a raise.
  • Call your bank, credit card, utility company or landlord. Ask them to refund a late fee. All they can say is no.
  • Get used to asking.
  • Define financial peace: What does it look like, feel like, smell like?

Wishing you prosperity and, as they sometimes say in Ireland:
Go mbeire muid beo aran am seo aris
May we all be alive and well, this time next year!

So, what is your best money habit?