Use Pinterest to Get a New Job

Use Your Pinterest Obsession to Land a New Job

Are you hooked on pinning? Obsessed with checking the boards on your feed every morning? You’re not alone. More than 70 million people are just as into Pinterest as you are.

While it probably isn’t the first social network that comes to mind when you think about your career, you can use your love for Pinterest as a secret weapon to find your dream job. Stop pinning all those delicious chocolate desserts and ogling fall sweater trends (just for a minute), and check out how you can use the platform to get a new job.


Build Your Brand
Once you’re ready to look for jobs, it’s time to update the materials you’ll be presenting to potential employers. That means freshening your resume, beefing up your online portfolio, and curating your social media accounts. And Pinterest is more than handy for this step if you’re in a creative field.

Show off the work you do — like Web design, photography, or blogging — by curating useful, specific boards. Or put a twist on tradition and create a “Pinterest resume” in addition to the one you already have. Unlike your regular old resume, the one on Pinterest is instantly visual, which makes it much more fun for recruiters to scan (if they have the time — hence the traditional resume, too). Plus it’s a great way to show off your social media savvy and make yourself stand out in a crowd of candidates.

Need some new design ideas for your resume or portfolio? It’s as simple as searching for “resume inspiration” or “portfolio inspiration.” You’ll find no shortage of suggestions.

Pinterest Power Tip: Even if you don’t build your resume on Pinterest, remember that your future boss might check out your account. So, just like with Facebook and Twitter, make sure your public pins and boards are as professional as possible.

Do Your Research
If you’re prepping for an interview, Pinterest can be a lifesaver. You can find all kinds of information about the company and the type of position that you wouldn’t uncover with standard research.

For starters, you can get insights into the latest trends for the position you’re applying for by searching for the job’s generic title. Let’s say you’re interviewing to be a content manager, and you look up that exact phrase: “content manager.” That search brings up pins on everything from different content management systems to tips on repurposing older content. And odds are high that if you’re interviewing for that type of position, you’re going to be asked what CMS you’re familiar with, as well as for ideas on maximizing the potential of every article.

If the company sells something, you can also get a feel for customers’ opinions by reviewing which of their products are getting constantly pinned. All you have to do is type the company’s name in the search and see what pops up. Along the same lines, you can look at what the competition is up to. You’ll likely be one of very few candidates who bring up relevant Pinterest trends in an interview.

Pinterest Power Tip: Follow the boards of companies you want to work for and the people you admire in the business. Feel free to like, comment on, or repin their pins. You never know who might notice your interest and eventually become a great career contact for you.

Stay Motivated
When you’re in the home stretch and the wait is getting you down, it’s Pinterest to the rescue again!

You can stay focused on your job hunt by following career experts and leaders in your field. So if building your business know-how keeps you confident, head over to Marie Forleo’s Pinterest board. If design is your speciality, enjoy the incredible posts on the board of the legendary Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka swissmiss).

In addition, Pinterest offers loads of eye candy to keep you going. Look for quotes that rev you up before you send out your next round of cover letters, or yoga moves to calm you down before an interview. Or just surf for dream vacation destinations that you can (finally) afford once you land your new job.

Pinterest Power Tip: Don’t want the whole world to know you’re looking for a job? Keep it under wraps from your current company or colleagues by making your board(s) secret or shared with just a few friends.

Surprised by how professional Pinterest can be? It really is much more than wedding dresses and home reno plans. So don’t pass it up when you’re job hunting — soon you’ll be pinning photos from the office of your amazing new job.

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