Speaking of Self-Worth…

knowing-your-worth Power point presentation
If you felt a blast of positive energy last night, either your tax refund arrived early—or you sensed the love emanating from the “Know~ing Your Worth” event, hosted by motivational guru Gabrielle Bernstein, author of “Add More ~ing to Your Life,” featuring DailyWorth founder Amanda Steinberg.

Right on the money
We’re banking on the love factor—because it was a night to remember. Gabrielle guided a group of over 150 women (many of you!) to find the source of their self-worth.

Amanda brought those lessons home with strategies for earning more, saving more and spending less. (MP Dunleavey and Jen Groover, creator of the famed Butler bag and author of “What If? & Why Not?” wrapped up the night.)

Know Your Worth
Amanda, Gabrielle, Jen and MP approached self-worth and net worth from all angles. Some highlights:

  • Get clear about your worth. State it, repeat it, own it. “Don’t mess around,” Gabrielle said.
  • Accept discomfort. Building a sense of self-worth can be challenging—even painful. Ask yourself, “Where does it hurt?”, to learn what you need to work on.
  • Earn more now. “Women earn 20% less than men,” Amanda noted. Change your net worth now by earning more. Set lofty goals. Research your market value. Up your rates. Ask for a raise.
  • Never believe your “limitations.” Jen said: “When I got the idea to start a line of handbags, I said to myself, ‘You can’t even draw’.” But she stuck with her vision, hired people to help her—now she’s a wealthy entrepreneur.

How’s your inner sense of self-worth? Tell us.

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