The Formula for Creating Success on Your Own Terms

Authentic success — success on your own terms — is an inside-out job. It’s about discovering, defining, and designing a life you would love living. It is not about the money, material possessions, prestige, or social status, although when you are living authentically and delivering your unique gifts to the world, you will have more riches than you ever imagined.

Many of us have been conditioned to look at social or familial expectations, to consider the economy, or to listen to our ego when we make career, relationship, and other life choices. We may make choices out of fear or doubt. Sometimes we land on something that is fulfilling and satisfying. Yet often we don’t. After a time, we begin to feel an urge inside that tells us there is more for us — something different and bigger; something more important and satisfying.

Whether you have been experiencing success on someone else’s terms or you are just starting out and want to head down the right path, there is a formula you can follow to reach success on your terms!

The Formula: Visualize, Test, Act

Visualize. The foundation of the formula involves envisioning the life you want — a life in which you would want to say, “I love my life!” each day. What would authentic success look like for you? Use your imagination to visualize the life you dream of.

Next, ask yourself these four big questions:

  1. “What would I love?” If age, education, money, experience, gender, and time were not factors, what would success look like? This could be in any area of your life, including your career, creative expression, relationships, health, or financial freedom. Use childlike imagination to dream big.
  2. In those same areas of life, ask yourself, “What do I long for?” Your longings are clues to your dream.
  3. “What causes me discontent in the various areas of my life?” Whatever it is that would dissolve your discontents are also clues that will help you solve for success.
  4. “When have I felt the most alive, and what was it that made me feel this way?” You want to replicate these experiences to make your dream a reality.

Now, write down the vision of your dream life. Make the vision a fully sensory one: What does it feel like, taste like, smell like, sound like, and look like?

Test. Test the dream. Does it make you come alive? Does it require that you grow? Does it align with your core values? Is there good in it for others? The answers to these questions should be “yes.” If they are not all “yes,” go back to the dream chamber. It may be that your dream is not big enough. It may be that it needs some changes. Discovering, designing, and defining a dream is like trying on clothes. You don’t know if it is going to look and feel right until you put it on. You may need to try a different color, add accessories, or make some alterations.

Act. Lastly, once you have your vision, you must decide to go for it. The famous explorer William Hutchison Murray stated, “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.” You must begin to take action steps to move in the direction of your dream. Each day, take one action (large or small) that will move you closer. When you do, ideas, opportunities, and resources will reveal themselves.

In taking these action steps towards authentic success, you may challenge beliefs and habits you’ve grown accustomed to. Although this may set off alarms for you, don’t let this stand in your way — habits can be changed. The process is simple but not easy, but I’m here to help! To determine your next most powerful step to move you in the direction of your dream, click here to schedule your personalized complimentary strategy session.

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