The Cons Are Pros

dw_piggy_blue Scam Alert!
You're hip to email phishing scams (an emerald mine in Nigeria? Who thought of that?)—and those phony calls saying that the warranty on your car is about to expire.

But con artists are going high-tech, so watch out.

Rip-offs on the Rise

  • The Better Business Bureau recently released a list of top scams, including attempts to snare job hunters with a bogus credit check (the victim ends up paying).
  • The Washington Post highlighted a $19 million con game that inserted fake fees into people's phone bills.
  • And the IRS recently issued a list of their "Dirty Dozen" tax scams.

Bottom Line
The name of the game is swiping your financial data and money, money, money. Never share your personal or account info over phone, email or text message unless you're 100% sure of who is collecting it. And, yes, if there's a weird "federal surcharge" on a utility bill, call to verify.

If you've spotted a scam recently—or had a close call—tell us about it.

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