Money Clarity Exercise: Get Ready for a Quick Win

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One of the best things about Money Clarity is all the victories you stack up along the way. A little momentum goes a long way.

See what we mean: Follow this 3-step process for a quick savings win you’ll feel great about. It’s one of our favorites, and chances are you can do it right now.

STEP 1: Log in to your credit card or bank account.

STEP 2: Read through at least one full monthly statement. Do NOT obsess over every line item or spiral into a fit of guilt. Shame has no place in Money Clarity!

STEP 3: Find one recurring charge that you no longer use or need, like a subscription or membership.

And cancel it.

STEP 4: CELEBRATE! You just saved money. Feel good about it. Post a comment below and share your win. Let us know what you cut, what you saved, and how you feel. We want to hear it all!

Nothing to cancel? First of all, that’s awesome. Good for you. Second, you can still score a win here. Find a recurring charge you don’t want to cancel and shrink it instead. Change your phone plan so you’re not paying for data you don’t use, or call your cable company and ask for a lower-priced package.

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