How To Get Balance in Your Life


This week we talk about juggling your career, family, friends, and relationships — and how to make it work (or not). Does “balance” actually exist? #whatbalance


There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about how to achieve balance. With all the noise coming at us from articles, studies, think pieces, and trends, the takeaway is often, at best, contradictory. Here’s how to secure work-life balance in 10 easy steps.

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1. Stop Multitasking
Multitasking is very, very bad, especially when it comes to devices. You can’t possibly efficiently take in information when it’s coming at you all at once. Put down your computer and phone and TV and other Internet machines!

2. Multitask to Your Heart’s Content
How can you expect to find any balance if you aren’t attacking everything on your to-do list at once? Look, it might not be the most productive way to get things done, but multitasking makes you feel good, which is crucial for a balanced life.

3. Set Boundaries
People cannot just take and take and take from you. It’s important to set boundaries at work. Close yourself off to maintain your carefully calibrated balance.

4. Be Very, Very Open to the World
Explore the world! See what’s outside! Let it all in!

5. But Also Have Downtime
Make sure you have ample time blocked off in your schedule to decompress. A great way to do this is to wake up three hours before work, go for a run, and spend time with your family. This is highly realistic. What are you waiting for?

6. Schedule Exercise
Take an invigorating power walk on your lunch break! Wait, what’s the point of lunch breaks again?

7. Schedule Yoga
This is different from exercise, and it’s imperative.

8. Schedule Sex
It’s intimacy hour! Or half hour! How about between my 4 and 5 pm meetings?

9. Focus On Your Life, Not Work
Unless you’re a crane operator. Then you can focus on your work, but multitask by also focusing on your life.

10. Above All, Make Time for You.
Kick back! Relax! And do all this other crap, too. 

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