The 10 Best Websites for Women

Amid all the junk on the Internet, there is, thankfully, tons of smart content for women. And what’s more, there’s a lot of content for female leaders, aspiring or otherwise. If you’re in search of resources to connect with other like-minded women, develop a business idea, or stay on top of women’s issues, here are 10 other sites you need to know.

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1. If you want to change the way women are seen in your industry, check out Lean In.
You’re probably already familiar with Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. But Lean In is more than just a book — it’s a movement. Learn about changing the stigma that surrounds work-life balance and women in the workplace through the organization’s many resources, including free online lectures, personal stories, and even Lean In Circles, where women can meet up.

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2. If you want to share your passion with like-minded women, check out BlogHer.
BlogHer covers everything from entertainment to food, and how those topics relate to strong-minded, busy women. The Work/Life section includes guides on how to balance stressful work environments, how to establish your online brand in a way that makes you stand out against competitors, and more.

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3. If you’re trying to stand out as a female leader, check out In Power Women.
Women in leadership positions may be a new trend (only 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women, according to Pew Research), but it’s a powerful one. And In Power Women recognizes that there’s a gap in these leadership positions, so they offer ways that you can break down cultural barriers, like negotiation tips and ways to stand out.

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4. If you’re looking for practical feminist strategies, check out Everyday Feminism.
This site offers excellent primers on institutionalized inequality, inside and outside the workplace, which is necessary knowledge for any leader. Also: Sign up for an online course to learn how to develop yourself and your skills, or find tips tips on how to handle sexism at work. Courses are currently $97 for lifetime access to the three-month modules, but the site offers a scholarship fund for people who can’t afford the full price, with a sliding scale from $60 ($5 a week) to $36 ($3 a week).

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5. If you’re a leader in the tech industry, (or want to be one), check out Women 2.0.
Women 2.0 is the world’s largest community-driven media brand for technology leaders. The site offers a community of women: You can find fellow ladies in your city or get real feedback from live investors about your next gig through the City Meetup program, made up solely of leading women.

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6. If you want to stay informed on women’s issues, check out Huffington Post Women.
HuffPo’s lady-focused vertical has news, culture pieces, opinion pieces, and reported features about anything pertaining to women: birth control, politics, marriage equality, and salary negotiation, to name a few. With the wide range of content and mixture of opinion-based and reported articles, it’s an easy way to stay up-to-date on issues that matter to you.

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7. If you have a million ideas and don’t know where to start, check out the Female Entrepreneur Association.
Seeking that push to really become the leader you strive to be? This site’s for you. You can browse through hundreds of resources — from podcasts to master classes— or join their member community.

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8. If you need help navigating your growing career, check out Levo.
Whether you just graduated college or are looking to make a career change, Levo provides mentors, professional advice articles, and job postings for women in diverse industries. Levo also offers guides to help you figure out tough career decisions in simplified steps.

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9. If you’re struggling to balance your work-life priorities, check out Career Contessa.
This site gives you practical tips on how to manage it all while staying on top of your priorities, such as knowing when to take on a mentee, overcoming creative burnout, and reaching financial milestones. Come for the advice, stay for the humor.

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10. If you want to advance yourself as a businesswoman, check out The Forte Foundation.
Whether you’re a college student, in grad school, or have already nailed down your career, this site offers advice on working your way up in a male-dominated business world. With a whopping 65,000-member network of professional women, The Forte Foundation has an overarching goal of advancing businesswomen through webinars and smart stories about job hunting, business school, and industry expertise.

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