5 Weird Divorce Laws

What happens when a law is no longer practical or just plain weird? Divorce law is full of anachronistic statutes. Here are some of the craziest ones still on the books.

divorce laws
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1. Spouse MIA
In Connecticut, if you have not heard from your other half for seven years, you’re free to file for divorce according to state law. We can’t argue with them on that one — ghosting is hardly a good sign in a marriage.

2. Make-Up Sex Not Permitted
A mandatory two-month separation is required for couples in Kentucky before filing for divorce. During this time they can continue to live together, but the state says that if both parties are living under the same roof, they can’t have any “sexual cohabitation.” So — who gets the couch?

3. Trouble in the Bedroom
Impotence is grounds for divorce in some states, including Maine and Massachusetts. But be prepared to provide some sort of evidence to the judge, usually medical records or expert testimony. Awkward.

4. Baby Trouble
A husband in Oklahoma can initiate divorce if his bride was pregnant by another man at the time of their marriage.

5. I Dare You to Get Married
If you find yourself married because you lost a bet or were dared to tie the knot, you can successfully get an annulment in Delaware.

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