Say ‘I Do’ to Affordable Weddings

wedding_moneyThat "Big, White Wedding" Bill
As DailyWorth reader Emma noted, many people justify wedding extravagance because "it's the happiest day of your life," when in reality it's just the start. "I think you should spend less on flowers to match your tiara and spend more time planning your life together!"

Besides we can all think of better ways to spend $30,000.

Two Key Steps to Wedded Bliss
When we asked DW readers for their best wedding saving tips, they boiled down to two central principles:

  1. Pay for what is most important to you; don't shell out silly money on things that don't matter. No matter what Mom says.

    "Your guests will remember your vows and how great the party was," says Lori, a DW reader. "No one remembers how expensive your pew decorations were or whether you had designer shoes!"

  2. Think outside the wedding box. Millions of couples have battled the wedding industrial complex and found creative ways to save. Here, highlights from readers:

    • Swap. Ask friends to do your flowers, wedding album, hair, makeup, music, etc., in lieu of a gift.
    • Substitute. Wear a white cocktail dress; have a tapas party instead of a dinner; get married on Friday.
    • Track costs. Planning takes months, so monitor spending in a Google doc shared with your mate or parents.
    • DIY. Whatever you can, from invites to hors d'oeuvres.

We liked the advice in this SmartMoney article, and the budget worksheet here—and the warnings about rip-off scams here. Budget wedding resources are plentiful, so keep clicking to have the happiest financial day of your new life together!

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