4 Money-Saving Apps for Moms

When it comes to being a mom, there are a million things to manage: keeping your children safe, healthy and thriving, balancing your career, even leaving some time for your spouse. It’s no surprise that trying to save money can slip through the cracks. And let’s face it: Few moms have time for couponing.

These four (free) apps make pinching pennies a breeze and give you more time to play with your kids instead of crunching numbers. Whether you’re trying to find a place to eat or selling a used crib, saving money for your family has never been so simple.

Kids Meal Deals

Kids Meal Deals helps moms find restaurants where kids eat for an affordable rate — or, better yet, for free! It takes your location and tracks down kid-focused dining promotions near you. It also has a meal-planning functionality that helps you remember which restaurants to hit on which days. If you’ve got a celebratory dinner coming up or you just can’t bring yourself to make another grilled cheese, Kids Meal Deals can help you feed your family in a budget-conscious way. (Available on iOS and Android.)


RetailMeNot is the perfectly organized coupon binder you never had. Since kids go through a ton of paper towels, shampoo, and other household goods, having instant access to coupons for places like Target and Walmart is incredibly helpful. If you need poster board for someone’s school project, just whip out your phone and see if there’s a Hobby Lobby coupon. The app also has a savings map where users can see all offers near their location. (Available on iOS and Android.)


Urbansitter solves the age-old dilemma of finding a reliable babysitter — especially last minute. The app locates the top-rated babysitters in your area. In addition to seeing reviews from local parents, you can also see the rates the sitters and nannies charge. Parents can even watch video profiles of available sitters instead of interviewing them. Every step of the booking process is within the app — from messaging sitters to scheduling times and even payment with major credit cards. Another plus? The app avoids the awkward “what’s your rate?” conversation. (Available on iOS and Android.)


VarageSale takes away the creepy Craigslist factor of selling old clothes and toys your kids have long since outgrown. The app allows you to snap pictures and list your goods (for free!) and then connects you with potential buyers via Facebook for an added layer of security. You can even sign up for notifications if certain items like coffee tables or bicycles become available. (Available on iOS and Android.)