Apply to the Tory Burch Fellows Competition

Tory BurchDesigner Tory Burch recently announced a program that provide resources for female entrepreneurs. Her new fellowship program aims to highlight enterprising businesswomen while also providing funding and mentorship. (You can apply here.) 

Burch has come a long way since launching her designer brand from her kitchen. (Her brand is now worth upwards of $3 billion, according to Forbes.) She says that as her company has grown, she’s “learned about the obstacles that women in business face, from balancing work and family to securing financing,” and that “many also lack the confidence, business networks, and training they need to see their ideas through.”

To kick off the inaugural program, Burch announced a Fellows Competition: Ten lucky and noteworthy women will join a one-year program that includes a three-day workshop at the Tory Burch Headquarters in New York City and a $10,000 grant for business education. Even better? A pitch competition to determine one winner of a grand investment of $100,000.  

According to the foundation, the program will provide resources and tools in order to “level the playing field for women entrepreneurs, and help them to grow their businesses, which will benefit their families, their communities and, in turn, all of us.” Now that’s an idea we can get behind.

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