3-Minute Summer Budget

dw_investWhen spending heats up
Warm weather seems to sweat the cash right out of your wallet. At least during the winter holidays, you get constant reminders to watch your budget.

All you hear now is that inner voice: "But I need a…"; "We should go to…"; "There's a picnic at…"; "OMG, my roots/nails/bikini…"

Solution: Build a quick summer budget right now.

Summer fun
Step 1: Take out a calendar, and list all upcoming summer expenses. Examples:

  • Events: from weddings to conferences to, oops, your sister is due in September, so the baby shower will be in August.
  • Repairs: from repainting your deck to fixing the kiddie pool.
  • Travel: long weekends, family reunions, vacations and guests!
  • Looking hot. You know you want to. So plan for it.

Step 2: Build a ballpark budget. What's the rough tab for three long weekends, a new beach umbrella, a cuter haircut, new swim suits for the kids, etc.? Use PearBudget's 30-day free trial—it's super simple (almost fun!). You may even want to subscribe (just $3/month).

Step 3: Plan ahead. If you're using our Save-to-Spend budget, you can cull some cash from your curveball fund or your fun money. Otherwise, set up a small summer saving account now, to offset costs.

Bottom line
Hose down the lawn chairs and chill out. With a ballpark summer budget, your spending won't get too hot to handle—and you'll stay on top of other goals. Which is good. We have BIG plans for you this year.

How does your summer budget look? Share it!