1 Hour to Big Savings


dw_piggy_pinkSmall things considered
We love small steps here at DailyWorth. Money can be arduous and complicated—but who needs that?

Rather than attempt a massive lifestyle overhaul (way too much effort!), it’s smarter turn your financial life around with a series of small tweaks and improvements.

And we’ve found that series.

Invest an Hour
The One Hour Project consists of 30 simple projects you can do any day of the week, in any order.

“And every single one will put you in a better financial state than you were before the hour,” writes Trent, the founder of the Simple Dollar site and creator of the project. (It’s free to click and read, or you can download the PDF for $2.)

Some are obvious (like asking for a lower rate on your card), but there are a number of gems:

    • Create a visual debt reminder—Find a photo of the Tuscan vacation you want take, the house you’d like to buy, and keep in your wallet or near your computer to prevent impulsive spending and reduce debt.


  • Mine your job benefits—Are you up on all the new perks? Take advantage of every dime of corporate largesse.

Bottom line
By doing a couple of one-hour tasks each week, you could be looking a whole new financial picture by fall. You’re worth it. Taken a step toward healthier finances recently? Share your small change here.

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