Interview About Entrepreneurship With Goaloop Founder Lori Terrizzi

Now that it’s December, we are all thinking about how the past year went and looking forward to the future. Personally, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the visibility of women entrepreneurs and women-led startups.

I travel around the United States and internationally, and I see so many great companies led by women. If you look in the media, at conferences, or on panel discussions, though, there are so few female voices.

In 2016, I plan to do my part to change that, so I set a goal to increase the visibility of women entrepreneurs. I meet hundreds of female entrepreneurs each year, and I plan to interview 100 of them throughout the year.

My first interview, appropriately enough, is with Lori Terrizzi — the founder and chief architect of goal setting platform Goaloop. I met Lori more than two years ago through my angel investing group Astia. At that time, I was impressed by Lori and her vision for how Goaloop could connect people globally to help them reach goals. Fast forward to today, when the Goaloop® platform is in private launch with an amazing array of goals on the platform.

I asked Lori some questions about her journey as an entrepreneur, and her experience as a female in the business field.

BARBARA CLARKE: What was the best thing you have done so far on your entrepreneurial journey?

LORI TERRIZZI: I assembled an exceptional team and advisory board.

CLARKE: What has been your biggest surprise?

TERRIZZI: When an advisory board member discretely (and strongly!) pushed me to the front of the room with other entrepreneurs to introduce myself.

CLARKE: What has been your most rewarding discovery?

TERRIZZI: The power and camaraderie among women's networks.

CLARKE: What’s your leadership style?

TERRIZZI: Lead by example.

CLARKE: What was your first toy?


CLARKE: What was your first computer?


CLARKE: There are many networks online. How is Goaloop different?

TERRIZZI: Most networks connect people based on the “who.” Goaloop's Goal Network connects based on the “what” — what your goals are. Connecting the world through goals expands your social circles and increases commercial opportunities.

CLARKE: Describe a sexist moment you’ve experienced [in the business world].

TERRIZZI: [As the CEO], I was seated at a table with men for a meeting, another man entered and assumed a man in the room was the CEO. This has only happened once. More frequently, I'm the only woman in the room, and the chair at the head of the table is left empty for me during meetings.

DailyWorth readers can use this link to join the Goaloop platform now while it’s still in private release.

Disclaimer: Barbara Clarke is an investor in and on the advisory board of Goaloop.

This article is not investment advice, nor is it a solicitation to buy or sell any shares. Read more about Clarke’s angel investments, including DailyWorth, here.

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