8 Things to Consider Before Setting New Year Resolutions

We are on the cusp of a new year, and it is time to reflect and begin anew, claim your resolutions, set soulful goals, clarify intentions, and renew the possibility to really achieve all that you want in your life. Perhaps this means starting a new career, launching a new business, having financial freedom, building meaningful relationships, or cultivating a healthier body. Whatever it is, you get to choose.

I love the process of continually re-launching a life vision by checking in on what has been accomplished, asking questions about where you are now, and then envisioning the future based on the continual growth and learning that happens as each year passes. I am inspired by imaginative actions that lead to marvelous joy, expansive vitality, and stunning success.

Despite this opportunity for a clean slate, I wonder why some people can stay on a clear path of manifestation and stay true to the efforts to attain their dreams with balance and ease while  others cannot. What’s the secret to the success that many people seem to have mastered, yet has completely evaded others? Is it luck and the stars finally aligning? Is it powering on with hard work and perseverance?

Those qualities can be part of the success formula: claiming the vision, doing the work to back up the goal, and sometimes allowing fate to play a part. More importantly, though, I think the secret ingredient missing for many people who don’t reach their goals is the lack of believing  that they can really achieve what they want.

Magic happens when you can source what you want from your own heart and soul, completely believing it exists, and accepting nothing less for yourself than the best possible outcome. Believe that you will get that promotion or successfully launch that new business. Trust that the career you love will bring you abundance. Accept that your friends are tried and true. Envision a healthy, fit, and fabulous body. Believe you can publish a best-selling book.

As a life coach, I am hired to assist my clients in achieving their goals in an authentic and sustainable way that honors them as well as the people around them. Think about any area of your life that you want to change. What would you like to accomplish next year? Do these goals excite and expand you? Do you whole-heartedly believe that you can reach them?  

Setting goals is important in giving meaning and focus to what is next, especially when you are clear about what attaining them will represent for you and others. The problem I have observed in others while setting their new goals often lies not just in being unclear, indecisive, or unfocused, but also in not letting go of something else first in order to make room for the new ideas to come in. People just start piling on to what they already have, making the lists longer and the tasks harder. For example, envision hiking up a mountain with a backpack filled with supplies and rocks you’ve collected along the way. Eventually the journey will feel long, hard, and exhausting. In order to go the distance with lightness and ease, you need to stop collecting the rocks and clean out what is no longer needed before continuing on with your journey.

Part of the goal-setting process includes examining belief systems to see if your thoughts are empowering and moving you forward, or limiting and holding you back. As you consider what’s next for you in the coming year, I challenge you to look at eight main life areas, consider your goals within, and then before you take any action, determine if your beliefs will support your dreams. Here are eight life-areas to believe in.

1. Career and Education
Why do you do what you do? What makes you satisfied in your work? Do you believe in what you are doing? Are you enjoying it? Are you achieving what you want? Discover what makes you satisfied in your career and make sure the rewards match the job. If not, explore new possibilities.

2. Money
Do you believe in abundance and that money is plentiful, or is it tight and scarce? Does money come easily, or does it evade you, causing you to doubt your own worth? Money goals are important, but so are your thoughts about abundance.

3. Health and Wellness
Does your body support your work? Do you make time to take care of it with adequate sleep, nutrition, exercise, medical check-ups, and positive thinking?

4. Friends and Family
Do you invest in your relationships so that you can feel supported in what you do in the world? Take time for your tribe and give as much as you receive. Let the people in your life sustain you and your dreams.

5. Romantic Relationships
Does your partner support your work? Melt away old relationships, resentments, patterns, and bad habits in order to keep your heart open. If you are single and want a partner, do you believe he or she really exists?

6. Personal Growth, Spirituality, and Religion
Let your faith and beliefs serve you on a daily basis. Give up the ones that hinder you or no longer align with who you have become. Create rituals and daily practices that support your success.

7. Fun and Play  
Feed your soul by carving out time to play or learn something new. It is in this playtime that my best creative business ideas show up. Plan the big and small adventures. Don’t wait for the “some days.” Life is short.

8. Physical Spaces
Does your space reflect your personality? Do you have a problem with clutter? What stuff needs to be thrown away, donated, or sold in order to open up space for the things you want? These are not necessarily physical things, but rather more meaningful, intangible things, like new clients, a space to write your novel, a place to inspire your creative thinking, or simply a place you can be efficient, organized, and productive.

Positively launch your dreams and go forward with determination, clarity, and a solid vision for 2016. As the popular saying goes, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

With the New Year upon you, look into your heart and create an exquisite vision that honors you and the enchanting life you want: one that includes a fulfilling career, financial freedom, awakened creativity, a healthy body, a satisfying relationship, and a full life. Whatever you choose, you must believe it!

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