Impulse Shop No More – Try Wishpot

dw_savings2When wishes come true…
It's 11:29 PM and you're still clicking around the web, in a fit of late-night (only vaguely satisfying) retail therapy. Look—click—add to cart—repeat.

If only there was some way to corral the gems you find so that a) you could mull over which would make sense to buy; and b) you'd never again have to mourn the lost link to the perfect pair of espadrilles.

Solution: Wishpot. This free service allows you to create multiple wish, gift and shopping lists—including bridal and baby registries—from products all over creation.

Add the Wishpot widget to your browser, and you can toss items onto your wish lists whenever you stumble across 'em.

Wish for the best
In case you're thinking, "Love ya, but this doesn't sound fiscally prudent," hang on.

How many impulse buys have you made, thinking, "Well, what the heck, I can always return it." Instead, it becomes your sister's birthday gift or fodder for a yard sale.

Wishpot allows you to build a wide range of choices without any pressure to spend. Meanwhile, read reviews, ask advice from other Wishpot members, or share (FB, tweet, etc.) your lists with friends—or not.

Bottom line
Think globally, act locally, shop responsibly. Try wishpot.