10 Fast Facts on the Real Joy Mangano

joy mangano

Inventor and cult Home Shopping Network icon Joy Mangano is having a good year: Her line of home cleaning and organizational products continues to draw in tons of loyal customers, and Joy, the David O. Russell–helmed movie loosely based on her life, is raking in nominations. But the Joy played by Jennifer Lawrence isn’t a carbon copy. Here are 10 facts about the real Joy Mangano.

1. Mangano is both the president of her company, Ingenious Designs, and its top salesperson.
In a typical hour of an HSN shopping event, Mangano sells $1 million worth of product.

2. Her Long Island home has a name: Swan Manor.
Close friends call it “Swan” for short.

3. She holds more than 100 patents and trademarks.
They include stackable hangers, steamers, garment organizers, mop accessories, and an aerating wine glass, to name a few. She's been busy.

4. She knows how to bank on opportunity.
This month, Mangano expanded to selling rebranded products at Macy’s; Bed, Bath & Beyond; The Container Store; and Target. Given the new attention to her persona, every product is getting a “Joy” stamp.

5. She is reportedly worth $50 million.
And it all started with selling her Miracle Mop invention on QVC in 1992. Sales were slow until Mangano went on air herself and the mop sold 18,000 units in 20 minutes. A decade later, Miracle Mops was bringing in $10 million a year. In 1999, Mangano sold her company, Ingenious Designs, to USA Networks Inc., Home Shopping Network’s parent company, for an undisclosed but presumably sizable sum.

6. Before she started selling her products to the masses, she sold to smaller audiences.
Mangano says that relaunching her mop on HSN took her back to “standing in front of 10 women at a flea market talking about something they’d never heard anyone talk about."

7. She’s running a family business.
Her daughter Christie is a senior vice president of brand development, merchandising, and marketing strategy at Ingenious Designs. Mangano’s son, Bobby, is an executive vice president of business strategy and development. Christie is married to Matt Hoke, Mangano’s longtime producer on HSN.

8. When Mangano relaunched the Miracle Mop, she broke her own sales record.
She sold 60,000 mops in two hours and more than 250,000 in 24 hours.

9. She remortgaged her home to fund the Miracle Mop.
Seems like a good investment (those mops retail for $40 a pop).

10. She’s always been creative.
As a kid, Mangano made drawings, sculptures, and origami. She even designed a reflective flea collar when she was a teen.

Additional reporting by Kaitlyn Russell.

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