The X Factor in Career Success

Career success is an important topic for anyone looking to improve her finances. Just think about how much time, effort, and money goes into growing your career. You train for it, dress for it, obsess about it on weekends, and strategize endlessly about how to get ahead. As a result, you get paid — and if you do well, you get paid more.

But what else is there?

The way we prioritize what happens with our money after we earn it is rarely discussed. Given that half the households in the U.S. have significant credit card debt, it seems that many of us don’t focus enough on personal financial management. If you’re juggling payments or living paycheck to paycheck at home, how can you expect to be the best version of yourself at work?

Money is one of the biggest sources of stress, yet most people never learn how to make the most of their income, and the topic is rarely acknowledged within the work environment. But it’s an important topic to focus on. After all, amazing things can happen when you’re financially stable and less afraid of losing your job and paycheck. When this happens, you find yourself able to speak up instead of staying quiet, take risks instead of playing it safe, and most importantly, you can focus on the task at hand, rather than constantly worry about the bills.

Think about this: Healthier money muscles lead to less stress, and a greater ability to take risks and be fully present at work, which leads to improved performance and better career opportunities.

My team is constantly inspired by our clients’ willingness to learn something new, make hard decisions, and most importantly, realize later that the steps that seemed giant and scary were actually manageable after all.

Financial empowerment is much more than just handing responsibility of your money to someone else. It’s about being educated and confident to ask the hard questions of yourself and of the people around you, and about building yourself a base where you can truly explore your options in life.

At GoldBean, we are thrilled to be partnering with companies that include their team's financial empowerment as part of their overall wellness initiatives. If you would like your company to offer our low cost advice, education, and trading, ask your boss or human resources lead to contact us at [email protected], or join directly at HelloGoldBean.

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