Save Like an Animal

dw_piggy_pinkIt's a jungle out there
For some reason, some of the best savings sites boast four-legged mascots right now. Cutesy-ness aside, join these free services and you can save like a wild thing:

Why a hippo? We don't know. But this loan-shopping site helps you to compare mortgage rates at banks across the country—and uses crowd-sourcing so you can decide which offer is best, and which institution is most reliable.

You can also post questions—or answers to other people's questions. We liked the wiiiiiide range of lenders you can scope out, and the newsy stuff in the Herd blog.


If you're a small biz owner currently using a pricey email service, swing over to MailChimp, one of the most inexpensive and efficient ways to market your product, build your subscriber list or let the world in on your newsletter. It's free up to 500 subscribers—and then super cheap (we know, we use it).
You know the pig, you love the pig. Now the pig loves you back—with 2.15% interest on savings accounts, effective May 19, 2010.

Although you may know it as a free saving service (with a goal-setting component), the advantage of this little porker is that you can contribute to other people's accounts, and they can add to yours. You may also qualify for store discounts, when you're ready to buy that Bose system you've always wanted.

Savers, howzit going? Brag about your savings progress here.

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