How to Develop a Positive Relationship With Money

It is easy to understand that we have a relationship with a person, and it’s probably pretty easy to define that relationship. Most people however, don’t often think of having a relationship with money. But we absolutely do have a relationship with money—and it is not so different than the relationship with a person.

People want to be appreciated, loved, and cared for. They want to be respected and trusted. Significant others will be unhappy, dissatisfied, and unfulfilled if the prevailing emotion in the relationship is anger, distrust, clinginess, disrespect, or unkindness. If we think or talk begrudgingly to them or behind their backs, they will be hurt, unhappy or angered. These are all simply exchanges of positive or negative energy. An action causes a similar reaction. Bottom line, your significant other would leave you, or you would leave him or her, if you were treated that way.

It is no different with money. Money loves to be appreciated. We even invest it to gain “appreciation.” It wants to be loved, desired, and cared for. It wants to be respected. So how can emotions be expressed toward something that seems like ink on paper or metal cast into a coin?

  • We appreciate money: We are either grateful for what we do have or curse the fact that we do not have enough.
  • We desire money: We bless our expenses or deplore it because we don’t have enough to cover our needs (which is not money’s fault, by the way!)
  • We care for money: We are good stewards and managing it well, or we are careless in our money management.
  • We trust money: We keep it in circulation or distrust by hoarding or using it selfishly.
  • We respect money: We keep money neat and orderly in our wallet; we disrespect money by waddling it up and shoving it in our wallets or pockets jumbled with crumpled receipts or leave it strewn on our dresser.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Money, like people, has ears. If you speak words or think thoughts of fear, anger, disgust, mistrust, disappointment or hatred toward money, it hears you. Like a person, it will not come willingly to an environment with that negative energy. If it does come….it will not stay! Would you?

If you want a positive relationship with money, you will get that positive relationship with money. If you fear it, that energy will follow you in your relationship with your finances. The energy you put out into the world is the energy that will return back to you. Be loving, caring, and respectful. Appreciate your money, trust it, and manage it well. It will come, it will stay, and it will bring its friends to the party (more money)!

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