Is Your Debt Making You Fat?

debt_weight Was ist los?
Last year a provocative study by researchers in Germany seemed to find a link between people who were deeply in debt and those who were obese.

According to this ABC News report: "Taking other factors into account, the authors found that overindebtedness… nearly doubled the risk of being overweight."

Not surprisingly, the study was met with scorn and skepticism on both sides of the Atlantic.

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't pay attention to it.

Did the chicken buy or eat the egg?
This study wasn't suggesting that one state causes the other—i.e. that fat people overspend, or overspending makes you fat—although many people interpreted it that way.

The more interesting point, buried in the hoopla, was the idea that our consumption habits—whether related to eating or spending—may be indeed be connected, as Amanda explored here.

Bottom line
Mondays are Budget days in the DailyWorth universe, and we believe (firmly) that your budget (and ours) will benefit from soul-searching, as well as number crunching.

What do you think? Is there a connection between eating and spending? We don't mean that going to the mall might make you more likely to stop in the food court and eat fries (although someone should really study that risk, too). The question is more whether the ability to moderate one's appetite—for stuff or food—is somehow related.

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