How to Conquer Your Money Fantasies — The Big Payoff Podcast

We all have fantasies around money, but most of them only make us less happy and fulfilled. Rachel Bellow and Suzanne Muchin, The Big Payoff podcast hosts, see three main money fantasies that hold us back:

  • The airlift fantasy: “If I airlift myself out of my current life and into a new life, everything will be different.”
  • The simple life fantasy: “I could just give it all up. I could move to Vermont. I could have a farm.”
  • The purchase fantasy: “This purchase — this pair of jeans, these shoes, this apartment — will change my life.”


your money story
The Big Payoff  (From left to right: Michelle Smith, Rachel Bellow, Suzanne Muchin, and Amanda Steinberg)



In a four-part series called Women and Money, Bellow and Muchin interview DailyWorth founder and CEO Amanda Steinberg and her business partner, Michelle Smith, CEO of Source Financial. In this week’s episode, they talk about how our fantasies around money hold us back and keep us from being in control of our lives. Learn how to conquer these dreams and get back to reality by listening below, or through iTunes.



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