How to Conquer Your Fear of Technology

WARNING: This article is NOT written by a millennial.

“I’m not tech savvy.”

“I like my paper.”

“I didn’t grow up using computers, I don’t need them now.”

As a proud member of generation X, I barely used computers or the Internet in high school and even some of college. I still remember taking typing class on a typewriter when I was in 7th grade. Mrs. Letterer taught typing. How perfect.

When I coach clients who lack comfort or ease with technology they are often filled with fear. I rarely say that fear is a motivator, but I’m here with a sobering message.

You actually can’t afford to be afraid of technology. While I still love my paper to-do lists and my giant white board, I’ve forced myself to learn systems in almost every area of marketing, business management, CRM, email marketing, social media and more.

I am not special and I am about to be 40 years old. I know people older than me that have even more knowledge and would be considered tech-savvy.

There is a huge cost to technology aversion or a fear of learning new things. There are very few occupations where you will not be required to have some basic technology skills — even knowing how to do online research effectively will be critical for you to be able to function in a role in almost any business setting.

“But I work for myself!”
Great. You should start learning every aspect of your business function. It’s much easier to delegate and train when you have some basic knowledge of how to operate the technology that makes your business run. A great idea does not a profitable company make. You need a back-end engine just as powerful as your vision to truly realize it.

Language is Powerful
The more you continue to say and think these disempowering statements, the more they will take over your professional life — and frankly put you at a disadvantage.

“I’m not tech savvy.”

“I like my paper.”

“I didn’t grow up using computers, I don’t need them now.”

So, now what?
Start replacing your language.

“I’m open to learning.”

“I can learn anything I say so.”

“No matter how long it take, I will get comfortable with technology.”

If you are job searching or even if you aren’t, keeping up on business technology trends is critical. Adults learn differently and that is ok.

Some of you need to stare at a screen and figure it out for yourself. Learning by doing is right for some. If that is you — throw yourself into your company’s new email marketing program or start using a new tool for your business.

Do you learn by listening? Get thyself to an adult class now. Whether it’s in person or online (checkout, don’t delay. You can find a course for anything.

If you need to see something modeled visually to learn, welcome to the wonderful world of free YouTube videos for almost everything. I have detangled more WordPress, MS PowerPoint or Mail Chimp issues purely with YouTube. Seek and you shall find 3 minutes and 43 second to give you what you need.

Now is the time where I really need you to hear me. You can do absolutely anything you say. You also can’t do anything that you say that you can’t. Your mind is more powerful than you ever give it credit for. The next time technology fear stares you in the face, politely tell it where it can go.

Stephanie Licata is a member of the DailyWorth Connect program. Read more about the program here.