Learning to Let Go of Fear and Get What You Want

I am devoted to women’s unlimited potential and helping women develop into powerful leaders, which is why I love leading workshops when given the opportunity. I was recently the featured speaker at Canyon Ranch, and while my sessions focused on navigating life transitions and creating new and next chapters, I couldn’t help but notice that the attendees all had one common denominator. They were all seeking more in their life and career, but fear was a major obstacle holding them back.    

Over the course of the weekend, it became abundantly clear to me that we, as women, are not spending enough time sharing our stories with each other.

I always have my attendees introduce themselves, say where they are from, and mention what enticed them to attend my workshop. As they spoke, I saw them connecting, and in being so open, they found courage and confidence to communicate even more deeply. It made me realize that we must take more time to share ourselves — including our vulnerabilities — with each other, because it is through sharing that we grant each other permission to become our best selves.

The desires the groups expressed ran the gamut — they wanted more love, more sex, more purpose, more intellectual challenge, fun, peace, and joy. Some of the women were seeking professional advancement, while others wanted a career change altogether. Many were looking for improvements in their marriage, or seeking a brand new relationship. Most were looking to cultivate a bigger, stronger, gentle, and loving support network. Together, we talked about all of it.

As these women put their desires into words, they simultaneously shared their fear of what it would mean to go out and get what they want. They recognize that it would require a significant commitment and yet the fear of potential loss ultimately holds them back.

When we have new goals and aspirations, it is necessary to create the space for a vision and a path for putting it into action.

It all comes down to this: In order to claim whatever you desire, and whatever you seek more of, you will have to clear space for the journey to claim it.

You will have to let go. You may need to let go of habits, old ways of being, friends, or colleagues, and it won’t necessarily feel good when you do. Letting go is frightening and represents the uncertainty that we all work so hard to avoid.

Instead, you will have to embrace something bigger, bolder, and scarier. You will have to own your greatest and unlimited potential. And while doing so, it will likely feel lonely and incredibly daunting at times. It will be critical to remember that the fastest way to get what you want is to let go of what you don’t. 

But knowing that we are all in this together, and that as women we will not let each other fall, we can find assurance in the space created by loss. When we choose to let go of fear, we have the ability to create everything we want.

Laura Campbell is a member of the DailyWorth Connect program. Read more about the program here.