A Shopping Addict Comes Clean


spent_bookcoverThe end of shopping
Despite its chic-lit sound, “Spent: Confessions of Shopping Addict,” by Avis Cardella, is a fresh and gritty memoir of the financial and emotional devastation that can result from a shopping habit gone amok.

Unlike the fluffy depictions in a certain recent movie we won’t name, Cardella’s disturbingly detailed recollections of her thousands of purchases—and her painful return to sanity—are shocking, insightful and entertaining.

Buy, buy happiness
Cardella, a fashion writer who now lives in Paris, believes that about 6% of the U.S. population suffers from some form of compulsive shopping disorder.

As she recounts her intoxicated love affair with every brand, stitch and embellishment, many shopaholics will recognize their own destructive urges. She writes:

I used shopping to avoid myself. I used shopping to define myself. And at some point, I realized that I was no longer consuming; I was just being consumed. When I stood in the lingerie department of Barneys, flanked by rows of candy-colored Cosabella thongs and Ripcosa tank tops, and couldn’t remember how I got there, I knew I was in trouble.

Bottom line
This is a book for every woman—not just overspenders. In our hyper-consumption age most of us grapple with irrational desires to buy things we don’t need. Cardella’s cautionary tale, officially out May 14, can be ordered by clicking here.

How do you stop the shop? Tell us. And have a great weekend!