How to Handle Being the Breadwinner

In heterosexual relationships, there can be a stigma around a woman earning more than a man — but it’s becoming increasingly common. And when one partner becomes the breadwinner, Rachel Bellow and Suzanne Muchin, hosts of The Big Payoff podcast, say that the resulting relationship changes are about more than money.

traditional roles
The Big Payoff  (From left to right: Amanda Steinberg, Michelle Smith, Rachel Bellow, and Suzanne Muchin)

In a four-part series called Women and Money, Bellow and Muchin interview DailyWorth founder and CEO Amanda Steinberg and her business partner, Michelle Smith, CEO of Source Financial. In this week’s episode, they dive into how relationship dynamics evolve when traditional roles are reversed. Learn about how gender expectations are — thankfully — changing by listening below, or through iTunes.


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