It’s Salary Check-Up Time

calculatorReality check
What do your skills command in the marketplace right now?

If you feel like your self-value has gotten stuck at your current income or fee, it's time for a check-up using one of these online calculators.

(Footnote to entrepreneurs: You may have to fudge some details, but this is a good way to double-check your rates.)

Be calculating

  1. If you're job hunting or want to know how your current salary stacks up, this eye-opening PayScale quiz will tell you. (Opt out of the free account sign up and just get your results.)
  2. You have an offer, but what's it worth? To find out your actual takehome pay ($60,000 isn't really $60,000) use this nifty calc from PaycheckCity. The results may push you to ask for more.
  3. How would your income translate in another city? See what your job would pay in another area, and what the relative cost of living would be, here on

Bottom line
Knowing your worth, and earning your potential are twin endeavors. Work it, baby.

Your move
Negotiate much? Prep yourself.