The Simple Guide to Mastering Credit Card Rewards

Think back to that first credit card you ever had.

Probably pretty basic, right? It likely had a small limit and zero perks. At the time, you were excited just to have more flexibility than cash. But now, you’re at a point where we want to get more from your cards.

Enter: the (now ubiquitous) reward card. Rewards credit cards let you earn anything from cash to miles, when you spend. And they often come with other benefits, like offering extra protection and making it easy to keep an eye on your credit.

But it’s essential to remember that rewards are not free if you rack up debt and, consequently, have to pay tons of interest. In fact, if you do that you can quickly nix the benefits. And repeat after us: A credit card is not an emergency fund!

But when you understand how credit cards work and use them wisely, they can help you save time and money — and ultimately take more control of your finances.

Learn how to do just that in this podcast interview and downloadable PDF.

In the interview, DailyWorth’s founder and CEO, Amanda Steinberg, interviews credit expert Gerri Detweiler, currently the head of market education at Nav. In our podcast, Gerri:

  • Breaks down the differences between cash-back cards and travel cards
  • Explains exactly how these cards work so you know which one will work best for you
  • Shares her favorite tips and techniques for getting the most from rewards cards

The companion guide is a downloadable PDF that makes it clear and simple to understand how rewards cards work and how to be smart about using them.

Combine the podcast and the PDF guide to master credit card rewards.


Get the most from your credit card with our free, downloadable PDF guide that makes it simple to master rewards.




How you use your rewards card matters.

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