Take Your Budget on Vacation

beachSunscreen, flip flops and…
You want to relax on vacation. The trouble is, so does your budget. Here's how to make sure your trip doesn't turn into a fiscal fiasco.

  1. Plan to spend. Most people have a ballpark figure for what a getaway will cost. Hint: That's not a budget. Use this detailed worksheet to break down your travel expenses.

    Putting numbers to your plans helps you to think through aspects of the trip you might have otherwise overlooked (taxis, beverages, water ski rentals), and double check prices, hidden costs, stuff you have to buy before you even get there, etc.

  2. Adjust yourself. Once you have a basic tally, compare that to what you've saved. If your $500 camping trip is going to cost $750 with gas, tolls and park fees—or the family's trip to Europe just went up a few hundred because you all need new passports—adjust your budget.

Bottom line
You spend money on vacation so you can enjoy yourself—not come home to a big Visa hangover. Increase your short-term savings now to make sure you have enough. Share your travel deals and steals here.

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