Women and Wealth—Imagine What’s Possible

dw_balloonsWhat if you woke up one day and women controlled most of the economy and financial sector?

What would that mean for women personally? How would greater female wealth change politics and policy—our families and futures?

Start banking on it now. The so-called she-conomy isn't some fantasy movie, teeming with Amazon women in silvery body suits. It's around the corner.

Time for a collective woot
For decades now, thanks to many waves of feminism, Title IX and Sigourney Weaver, women have been slowly, steadily pulling ahead.

Some stats to celebrate:

  • Women hold 60% of advanced degrees, among adults 25 to 29, according to a Census Bureau report last month—which puts women on a higher-earning track.
  • Women not only occupy half the workforce, 43% of the top wealth-holders in the U.S.—i.e. those with assets of at least $1.5 million—are women, according to the IRS.
  • Women control about $4.3 trillion of $5.9 trillion in consumer spending, calculate the authors of "The Female Economy," a study published in the Harvard Business Review in 2009.

And according to a 2010 survey by Women & Co., more women today are expressing confidence in their financial abilities, and more likely to identify themselves as the household CFO.

You're so money
A rising tide lifts all boats, as they say. Take heart, take pride knowing that all our efforts are adding up. To read more, check out MP Dunleavey's column today on MSN Money—and tell us what the she-conomy means to all of us.

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