Elaine Thompson, Retire by 43, NewsWorthy

From Rio to Wall Street, women are winning.

⇒ Elaine Thompson, a 24-year old from Jamaica, wins gold in the 100-meter dash, making her the fastest woman in the world. (NBC Olympics)

⇒ Equity, the first female-centric film about Wall Street, released beyond New York and Los Angeles last Friday to 9 additional states including Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Texas. Why, you might ask, aren’t there more films about senior-ranked women in banking? Perhaps because there aren’t many. (Financial Times)

⇒ Worried you’re not saving enough for retirement? An increase in multi-generational households may change how Americans retire. (Fortune)

⇒ Back-to-school moms: don’t default to Amazon for school supplies without also checking Jet.com. Now that Walmart is buying them for $3 billion, you'll be the real winner of the inevitable price wars. (TechCrunch)

⇒ A couple known by the pseudonym “Mr. and Mrs. 1500" reached their savings goal of $1 million to retire by age 43. Check out how they did it. (CNBC)


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