Money Types: Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte?

Money almost seemed like a fifth character in "Sex and the City"—always hovering in the background. So in honor of "SATC 2", out this week, we revived the old "which girl are you" game, and added a financial twist.

To play: Read the updated fiscal descriptions of our four heroines. Pick the one you identify with most. Then click on her name to get your full financial profile.

sam_satc Samantha Jones
In business (and in bed), Samantha is a force of nature. She's aggressive, charming, confident and more than a tad self-absorbed—all of which are integral to her success as a self-made woman. She lives for the moment—and she can afford to, for now. Click here if you're like Samantha »
Charlotte York
Carrie once dubbed Charlotte a "Park Avenue Pollyanna", but Charlotte's conservative, sunnyside outlook is her strength. Not a financial or emotional risk-taker, Charlotte seeks security by playing by the rules as a wife and stay-at-home-mom. But is it safe to count on someone else? Click here if you're like Charlotte »
Miranda Hobbes
Money doesn't intimidate ambitious Miranda (it's her topsy-turvy emotional life that's a challenge). She was the first to buy an apartment; she wrestled with being a single, working mom. But independence has its limits. Click here if you're like Miranda »
Carrie Bradshaw
Aside from a brief episode of financial clarity (a moment of silence for the $40,000 in shoes), Carrie leads a charmed life of financial oblivion. Blessed with an improbable wardrobe and a Cinderella marriage to Mr. Big, Carrie doesn't worry about money because she doesn't have to. Or does she? Click here if you're like Carrie »

You live for today, and why not? You've achieved many of the status symbols you craved—the clothes, the condo, the cachet of being a self-made CEO. Why think about the future when you're having fun now? Yes, you've saved and invested (you're too smart not to), but strangely, as much as you love to be in control, you've left your finances in someone else's well-paid hands. Is that wise? Not really. You've spent years building your business, now take some of that drive and sit down with your advisor to double check that you can take care of yourself.

You married for love—and security—and there is nothing wrong with that. A traditional lifestyle works for you; you love being a stay-at-home mom. But it's time you used those conservative instincts to be a little more self-protective. Buy yourself some free time to put a toe back in the art world. You supported yourself once; make sure you could do it again (if needed). Get involved in the family finances. You're an excellent domestic partner, now step up to the plate as a full financial partner. After all, you've weathered one divorce. You know it doesn't pay to put your head under the pillow.

Money has never been an issue for you. You've got a top-notch stable income and you've always known how to manage your finances (stayed out of debt, saved for retirement, yawn). Now that you're married and a mom, you might want to expand your independent streak—and give yourself more "me" money. Make sure that you and your spouse are using the same playbook (you're part of a team now)—for your selves, the kids, your futures. You're a natural planner, but you need to take others' needs into account for your plans to come to fruition. And now that you've emerged from the turmoil of the last few years, use your money to give more to yourself.

Maybe you were born under a lucky star, but even luck can ebb and flow. Despite your professional success and happy marriage (so far), you're stuck in 9th grade when it comes to money. It's time to grow up and capitalize on your innate good fortune—talent, connections, charm—and accept that no one hold the purse strings but you, babe. Read personal finance books, take a class, or subscribe to DailyWorth, but start absorbing more financial nutrients now. Taking financial control is the natural next step in your ongoing adventures. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.


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