To Coupon or Not?

dw_piggy_bluecouponsFrom CouponMom to Groupon, coupons have never been hotter. At first glance, the pile of circulars advertising "Buy 10, Get 12 FREE fruit roll-ups" may not seem so appealing (especially if you never planned to buy fruit roll ups in the first place), but shoppers from Main Street to Park Avenue are claiming it's worth the effort. Even Ramit "I Will Teach You To Be Rich" Sethi is intrigued by the idea.

But c'mon. Is it really possible to coupon your bill down to zilch? We'd be happy to cut our grocery tab in half. But are coupons the way to go? What about the time-value of your money: Is it worth the time you spend clipping (or clicking) to get discounts on stuff you may or may not actually need? Given what your time is worth, does a mere coupon or two (or 10) make up the difference?

If you say it can be done, we want proof. And details. Couponers—weigh in.

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