Gifts to Make Dad Glad

gift_redboxSkip the funny boxer shorts, obligatory tie or weed wacker next weekend. The dad in your life deserves some fun this Father's Day.

Pin him down. Fights are natural with that feisty guy you love. Now the perfect arena for resolving conflict is just a click away: a Pro Thumb-Wrestling Ring. At $6.99, it's a lot cheaper than therapy.
Say, cheese! Delight the frommage-o-phile in your life with a regular gourmet cheese basket: just $30 per month.
Some like it hot. For the obsessive BBQ-er, a meat fork with a built-in thermometer. (Now Mom can stop worrying about E. coli). $24.
Bring on the bubbly. At $99, this soda/seltzer maker is a splurge—but this thing will pay for itself in a week—and who doesn't love fresh fizz?
Geek chic. We were trying to pick the best gift from ThinkGeek—and decided to just give you the whole darn Dad page. How do you choose between whiskey stones (faux ice cubes that cool but don't dilute), the duct tape wallet (oddly hip) and the Bluetooth Watch with Caller ID Display (whoa)? We leave it to you.

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